Prenatal nutrition workshops

For more than 10 years, O2L personnel have contributed to in-person training of prenatal nutrition workers. In 2007-2009, and again in 2013-14, Open2Learn was contracted to develop, deliver and evaluate week-long workshops for workers in community-based prenatal nutrition programs in Nunavut.

Guided by representatives from the Nunavut Department of Health, Open2Learn establishes learning priorities and the workshop agenda, as well as creating or updating lesson plans, learning activities and evaluation tools. Open2Learn also facilitates or co-facilitates the workshop and presents the majority of the sessions. Guest speakers are invited to present on selected topics. Open2Lean has prepared and presented workshop sessions on the following topics: Program Implementation Skills, Nutrition Basics, Shopping and Label Reading, Infant Feeding, Nutrition and Pregnancy, Iron and Vitamin D, Making Homemade Baby Food and Presenting Food and Nutrition Information to Your Group.

Sessions are a mix of information presentation (often via PowerPoint), facilitated brainstorming and discussion, group work, educational games and hands-on learning activities, such as cooking and baby food-making. Print materials are prepared in English and Inuktitut and Inuktitut interpretation is available at all sessions.

Workshop usually have 15-20 participants. Evaluation results suggest that most participants feel they learn a lot from the sessions and benefit greatly from being able to interact directly with workshop presenters and network with other community based wellness workers. Over the years of developing and delivering the online course Healthy Living in Nunavut, and planning and facilitating the in person prenatal workshops, Open2Learn has gained an extensive knowledge of the learning needs of this target audience and as a result is better able to meet the challenges of delivering workshops to a diverse group of participants that encourages active learning and keeps participants engaged.

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