About Us

Service Open2Learn is a two-person partnership, based in Montreal, Canada. We strive to support positive change by creating effective and engaging learner-centred training and educational resources that address Aboriginal health and nutrition issues, as well as by being involved in research, policy analysis and program evaluation, related to these issues.

Sue Hamilton

Sue HamiltonA registered dietitian with a Master’s in nutrition science, Hamilton has extensive knowledge of northern nutrition issues and a strong background in education and learning resource development, as well as extensive experience in nutrition survey research and traditional food analysis. She has been writing plain-language health and education and awareness publications for aboriginal communities for more than 10 years. Her first- hand experience in communities comes from having collecting data related to dietary intake, traditional food acquisition and food security, and from her work facilitating nutrition workshops for community-based health workers. Her work as Facilitator and Project Coordinator for the ‘Healthy Living in Nunavut’ online nutrition courses has made her aware of the learning needs of community-based health workers. These experiences, as well as her work as Territorial Nutritionist for the GN, have given her insights into the numerous issues that arise around healthy living in Nunavut.

Jeff Martin

jeff-martin-2\Martin is an instructional designer and web developer with a Masters in Library and Information Science and a Graduate Diploma in Instructional Technology, during which he received formal academic training in learning design, needs assessment, project evaluation and project management. In addition to developing the Healthy Living in Nunavut course website, he has led the design and development of a number of public education websites, going back to the creation of McGill University’s Ecological Agriculture Projects website, in 1994-95. From 1996 to 1998, Martin researched and wrote a bi-weekly column (Green Ideas) for the Montreal Gazette, exploring environmental issues and community-level responses. He has contributed to the development and evaluation of many educational resources, including, the GN Nutrition Fact Sheet Series, Nunavut Food Guide BINGO, and training workshops for GN HSS.

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